Unleashed people create brilliant performance


People are more educated than ever and can be given access to interpretative information through digitization. The conditions are there to move from “a place of work” to “a place of development”.

In our definition “a place of work” consists of employees running the business, whilst in “a place of development” everyone has an active part in continuously developing everything we do.

We deliver the knowledge and models supporting the transition. There is so much more to describe, but currently most of our site is in Swedish as we start of in the Swedish market. Please use Google translate and if the translation gets to crazy, call us Per Ahlstedt @ +46701497337 or Anna-Karin Ahlstedt @ +46708444866 or email anna-karin.ahlstedt@houseofbrilliance.se. We will be glad to connect you to our consultants or support you in the interpretation of our site :-).


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